Inside Veganism #1


Inside Veganism Begins Thursday 5 April 2018


Your veganism discussion show! Beginning this Thursday 5 April 2018, tune in every Thursday from 1900-2000 UK time on Facebook Live!

Inside Veganism on Instagram

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Revealed: Inside Veganism’s Opening Line-up

Clockwise from top-left: Aidan Coughlan (host), Bel Georgieva, Joshua Entis, and Nikki Tee

Inside Veganism begins on Thursday 5 April 2018 at 1900 UK time on Inside Veganism’s Facebook page.

We are very excited to be joined on our debut show by Bel GeorgievaJoshua Entis, and Nikki Tee. Stay tuned for more information on these fantastic vegan personalities.

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Inside Veganism: Live on Periscope

Inside Veganism
went live on Periscope on 13 March to introduce the show to Twitter users during Twitter’s ‘#veganhour’. We talked about veganism and answered various questions. We explained that our first live show on Facebook will take place on 5 April at 1900 UK time.

Here is the replay:

Why ‘Inside Veganism’?

Inside Veganism was the name of a special live edition of The Aidan Project podcast, hosted by Aidan Coughlan.  After the live special, Aidan wanted to launch a spin-off podcast dedicated to veganism: ‘Inside Veganism’ seemed the natural choice for a show name.

Here is the aforementioned special edition of The Aidan Project, which was originally broadcast live via Facebook on 13 February 2018.